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I thought I’d use this page to act as an extended About section, or blog. I grew up in the burbs of Los Angeles County and am very much a California girl. My education and past jobs have kept me in Southern California, but I’ve always been open to new cities and pursuing opportunities in far out places. In 2022 my job allowed me to be fully remote and work from anywhere in the world, so I went for it and lived abroad for a year.


I always knew I wanted to work in journalism and documentary.

My earliest influence was watching journalist Lisa Ling on the Oprah Show. Like so many of us I marveled at Anthony Bourdain and the productions he and his team created. I find the writing, candidness and overall color within the details to be inspiring. I’ve worked in all aspects of journalism – print, radio, broadcast TV, reporting, video editing, hosting, and Youtube. I’m grateful for the journalist training I have, and I view these skills and ethics to be integral to all of the new media and film opportunities I involve myself with.

Rapid fire fast facts:

  • I completed the improv program at a comedy theater in L.A. and it was an absolute blast. I made a bunch of goofy friends and let out hundreds of belly laughs. And I promise only half of the shows I ever performed were bad.
  • One time in college my friend asked me to be in a customer service training video and honestly, it might be some of my best work.
  • I got way too into making margherita pizzas during lockdown. I bought a pizza oven and started selling them to my neighbors, it was great. I admit that I am an absolute pizza snob now. I get all poetic when someone asks me about pizza. It’s annoying, sorry.
  • Photography is an on-going hobby of mine, I try not to get too technical about it. I have a drone but I’m convinced that my lack of video game playing as a child contributed to my drone-flying anxiety. I lack the controller coordination and confidence! Apparently just playing Super Mario and Tetris on my Game Boy Advance SP didn’t cut it.
  • I recently remembered that as a kid I would always order the fried clams at Red Robin. I ordered CLAMS at an American burger chain?! That’s hilarious.
  • I once went skinny dipping on a roadtrip in South Africa and had all of my clothes and car key stolen.
  • Some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had was at a ramen shop in Providence, Rhode Island. I can’t stop thinking about it.
  • I have a fear of dropping my phone down a metal sidewalk grate. It hasn’t happened yet, but it might!
  • My first job was working as a lifeguard at a waterpark when I was 16.
  • I can drive a manual transmission (no I can’t, just wanted to see what it felt like to type that I could).

I like animals.

Here are some pics I’ve taken over the years of animals in far away places:

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